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Monday, July 27, 2009

"how much?"

as you know, when people notice my weight loss, i tend to be vague about things. "are you losing weight?" usually gets a "seems that way" or "i do what i can" or something like that.

and that's what my husband's (much thinner than last time i saw her and eating a bunless burger) cousin got last night. and then she followed up with a whispered "how much?" and, frankly, i didn't know what to say.

when i reach my end point, i intend to have the number of pounds i lost tattooed on my hip-- i reminder of where i came from and how hard i worked so i'll never, ever, ever gain it back. ideally, that number will be 101 or even 111 (HA! can you SEE me 125 pounds??), but 91 will be acceptable, too. at that point, i think i'll be very willing to say how much i lost. i think. but currently? i'm still running a good 4-5 (okay, today it's 6) pounds into the "obese" bracket, and then another 20 overweight, and honestly, my frame is somewhat small, so at least another 10 could be done without. at THIS point? this forty-more-to-go point? do i REALLY want to tell people i've lost nearly 70 pounds?

ummm, not really. because i don't want to see the wheels turning... seventy pounds? but, she's still so FAT! how much did she weight BEFORE??

nearly 240 pounds. on a frame that's meant to hold as little as half that.

fortunately, her little boy whacked his cousing with a foam sword just then and she took off after him, so i never had to answer.


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I was always amazed that people would ask how much I had lost. I would grin and say, "That's only for me and my doctor to know!" That would usually stop them!

These days, with a blog, everyone knows, but it's a good thing!

RecoveringActor said...

I cannot believe she asked how much. That's like a coworker asking how old you are on your birthday. Numbers that don't need to be shared because they're none of their effing business!!!