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Monday, July 06, 2009

is it still march?

because i still (actually, again) weigh what i weighed at the beginning of march. wtf, man?

two weeks ago i was withing spitting distance of the elusive 169.8. well, okay, maybe not SPITTING distance, but two pounds! i was two pounds away from the one sixties! and what happened? parties. cakes. lazy days. fourth of july. beer. the usual.

so now i'm sitting here, in my 16p jeans where two weeks ago i was in 14s. i'm sitting here feeling lumpy and soft instead of tight and strong. i'm sitting here thinking about 165 and the makeover the recovering actor is going to give me (btw: black eyeliner? is a must.) at ulta and all the money i'll spend on make-up. i'm sitting here thinking about the family reunion we're going to in dc-- my dad's first cousins and their families, people i probably haven't seen since i was 10-- and how i want to feel there. let me tell you how i want to feel there:

ONE. SIXTY. FIVE. (and extra pretty with my new face!)

we all know how it is, if you gained it in a weekend, you can lose it in a week. this will be a big loss week. it WILL. because i'm going to the track monday, wednesday, friday, sunday. because i'm eating whole foods, rich in protein and fiber, and drinking only water, coffee and unsweetened skim milk iced coffees. because i'm doing 15 minutes on my bike, at least, every single day. because i'm doing push-ups and sit-ups on tuesday, thursdays and saturdays. because I'M THE BOSS HERE, GODDAMNIT!

so the goals for this month:
  • whole foods rich in protein and fiber
  • water, coffee, skim milk
  • daily workouts
  • 1200ish calories
  • don't fail accounting 111 (back to school on wednesday for the first time since 2006!)
  • weekly (at least) blogging

and coming up...

  1. 165 by july 31
  2. 145 (healthy) by halloween
  3. 140 by thanksgiving
  4. 135 (goal) by christmas

my mantra: i'm not going to fuck up today.


TJ said...

I like how you shouted out, " I'M THE BOSS HERE, GODDAMNIT!" Whoo hoo!! Go get em!

I always find it interesting what sizes different people are at different weights. Could be body shapes too that make it so much different from person to person as well. Im 5'5" 173lbs and all of my new shorts/capris are a 12- one is a 10. This blows me away because my problem area is and always will be my butt/thighs. Anyway I like seeing what sizes people are- for comparison. :)

becklette said...

dude. i would give my right arm to fit in a 12 right now! ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL my good clothes are 12s. 6 pair of gap jeans, at least 10 summer skirts, 5 or 6 pair of good slacks (express & ann taylor, mostly) and dozens, DOZENS, of gap & ann taylor tops.