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Thursday, July 30, 2009

i <3 carbs

another carbless day down... another cheeseburger salad, 2 low-fat beef hot dogs, crunchy green beans and none of the pretzels my husband offered me ninety nine million times.

cheeseburger salad? is DELICIOUS. maybe i just think that because i failed (FAILED) to eat or pack breakfast and lunch with the recovering actor & our friend ended up being at THREE PM (but her hair looks UH-MAZING), but my. god. that salad was so good.

and, yes, allison, i've thought about raw foods. i like the idea. but i get really, really cranky if i'm hungry and i can't eat something warm. i dunno why. it's a charming little quirk.

so... tomorrow afternoon we're heading to dc for a family reunion. i'm actually meeting a lot of my dad's cousins for the first time in my memory. i'm just going to try not to fuck up.


She-Fit said...

Cheeseburger salad sounds yummy! If you are wanting some pasta, I found these great noodles that are like 1-3g of carbs... they are tofu noodles... check it out:
and they are only 20 calories! ! !

Just thought I would share this with you incase you have a carb craving day... trick your body into thinking they are carbs :)

MackAttack said...

That does sound tasty! I second shirataki those helped me through a lot! Have fun at the reunion!