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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

who's the boss around here?

yeah... not me.

i didn't fuck up, except for the not-working-out part. unless you count buying 70 pounds worth of pet supplies. i was within my calorie limit and PRETTY good on my nutrition goals (would have been better if we weren't out of whole wheat pasta).

but i'm +1 anyway. and no, it's not the time of month. just... lucky. i'm really angry and feeling very much out of control. honestly, i was so upset this morning, i didn't eat breakfast or pack lunch. i'm drinking my coffee now (black with a blue packet) and not feeling the food thing AT. ALL. i'm not pushing it right now. check back tomorrow.

oh, and i have an earring stuck in my ear. it's a 1/10th carat diamond (read: EENY-TINY) with a threaded back... that i stupidly used one of those backs that looks like a pawn (on the chessboard, i mean) with after i lost the right one. HALP!


Anonymous said...

The earring situation? Your doctor or the ER can probably clip the post for you to get it out if you can't get the back to unscrew.

becklette said...

i know, but i'll totes cry if i have to replace this earring... it's one of 4 (2/3 of my holes) that my husband bought me out first christmas married when he was totally obsessed with jeweling me up (i got four diamond earrings and a pink pearl necklace in my STOCKING) but it can be replaced, i know.