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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


to the best of my abilities, i have calculated last night's dinner at 890 calories. fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) i hadn't eaten anything up until that 9pm mini-binge/monster-meal.

i had a crap day back at work post-procedure and the man of the house and i had a legendary argument on the way home, so i just zipped off to school (half an hour early) hungry. on the way home, i stopped at wawa for dinner, mostly because it was dark and rainy and i knew by then he was worried about me (and yes, i feel a little bad about that now). i got the same meal as monday: crispy chicken, little mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion on a shorti the calorie count--680-- is for a kaiser roll and full mayo, but it's all wawa will give me. i got the small bag of chips (140) and swapped out the pint of ice cream for a 1/3 ounce piece of dark belgian chocolate from the pound plus bar at home. coke zero, of course. and a fucking cigarette.

yeesh. it's been rough.

as always, though, the number game fascinates me. down to a pretty normal for lately 170.4 today with 8 weeks to get to 156. that's fifteen pounds in 8 weeks and doable.

if i stop fucking up.

(ps-- i lost one of my precious few followers... do you think it's because i say "fuck" so much?)

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Katie said...

I lost a follwer yesterday, out of my massive 6 of them! I was a bit insulted actually. Oh well. Your blog is great and say fuck all you want!