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Thursday, October 08, 2009


i don't want to go away this weekend.

we're going with my parents & brothers to see my uncles & my other brother out of town. while we're there, my mom is organizing a big landscaping project for my uncles, which everyone but my husband and i are working on. us, though? we're the food team. that's right, the FOOD. TEAM.

and i don't want to do it. i don't want to make cupcakes tonight or cookies for my brother. i don't want to spend saturday making pizzas for lunch and a southern feast for dinner (dry ribs, mac & cheese, green bean salad, roasted brussels sprouts). i don't want to bake a cake after dinner. i don't want to get up early on sunday to work on ceviche (um, gag.), lomo saltado, papas rellenas and southwestern salad. i don't wanna.

because i want to have another pretty number on tuesday.

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What a Splurge said...

I don't blame you. Look at your numbers ... spiraling down! Best of luck ... try to stay busy.