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Thursday, October 01, 2009

how much do you think a suspicious mole weighs?

i had a suspicious mole removed this morning. then my husband treated me to a light frap and a turkey bacon & egg while sandwich. to cheer me up. good idea? not really. helpful? eh, a little. the local is wearing off now and it huuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrts! i guess i can't really complain with fat bridesmaid soldiering through gallbladder surgery. and, you know, hungry children in india, men with no feet, etc.

but that probably won't stop me.

last night... was not my best work. we went to dinner at some friends' house-- a rare occurrence since they live with his parents and, frankly, i'm the only one of my friends who can cook, so generally, IF we go somewhere for dinner, i cook.

so, anyway, we went there. she made pasta. and ceasar salad-- not like i make it, like restaurants make it, like salad-dressing soup. then there was cheesy bread. wine. and chocolate chip cookies. oh, and dinner was later than we're used to so i had a snack of cheese-filled convenience store pretzel. and i am sorry for all my sins.*

so i ate a good amount more than i should have, but still down today. tomorrow's another story since we're having pizza for dinner (one slice, veggie-laden). we shall see.

i'm waiting on a pair of jeans, two black sweaters and a fuscia shell from my recent orders. the tops are all mediums or m/ls. the jeans are 14s... i had to buy them because i've been working with 4 pairs: ann taylor straight leg 16ps, gap flared 14s, old navy bootcut flirt 14 and old navy bootcut flirt 14 short. and... i got pen all over the gap jeans (the ones i practically cried when i zipped up) so i have only one pair of full-length, heel-compatible jeans. no good.

it's really strange to see a REASONABLE number of that "pounds left to go" ticker. REALLY. STRANGE.

*food has no moral value. that was a joke. it's what you say at the end of your list of sins in confession. it just... fit with the list.

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