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Monday, October 05, 2009

weekend in review

the weekend turned out nothing at all like i planned. but i still like the number i see, and you're going to see it tomorrow for my official october weight.

i have coupons for talbots and ann taylor this month, which i'd really like to be able to use on final-size clothes. which i can't do unless i'm penultimate-sized by the time they expire. (i don't buy more than one size too small.) i think that final size is actually going to be 10 bottoms and 8/small tops-- that's based on the size 10 ann taylor shirt i wore yesterday with size 14 jeans. and no, i will NEVER be able to buy a suit together. based on my current rate of loss (which will probably not keep up) i decided that if i get to 156 VERY early, more than a month, i will go for 150. but 150 is it, even if i wake up tomorrow 150.

okay. so.

weekend was off-plan but not out-of-control. the worst of it was that we went to my mom's for dinner last night AT EIGHT and i'm REALLY not good with eating that late, so i basically had two dinners. the rest of the week is going to be good and planful and i'm going to be 165 soon. tonight we're having porkchops with squash & cous cous.

i have nothing interesting to say at all.

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What a Splurge said...

That's so true about eating late. My husband gets home at 7 three nights a week for dinner. I used to eat the equivalent (in snacks) of a dinner before he got home. I was just ravenous. I'm still ravenous but it helps to stay busy. I don't even plan a snack because "one bit too many, a thousand bites never enough."