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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


167.4. and that's official.

i have so much to say and so little interest in saying it. i've been really bummed about a lot of things lately, not least of which is how dark it gets! and early! i like the dark better than the light, but i like WARM dark, which is not, of course, what we're getting at seven pm these days.

oh! and i'm really angry at old navy. i'd ordered a pair of bootcut flirt jeans, carefully making sure the fabric was the same as what i have (80% cotton, 19% poly, 1% spandex) because i don't even like these perfectly, and they shipped me (and charged me for, non-sale) a pair that 65% cotton and 34% poly. ummmm, EW. that's not denim, folks.

and... yeah. things are mediocre at best around here.

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Kelly said...

Ugh. Old Navy. I don't have a lot of good things to say about them anymore. I used to shop there a lot when they had plus size in the store. Then they made it "exclusively online." Like that made it really awesome? Not so much. So then I had to order them online and try them on at home and send them back if I didn't like them. Then the quality of their clothes has gone really downhill, like the pants you mentioned. Their jeans aren't even really jeans anymore.