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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

crap day

okay, so yesterday was a crap day. i was overwhelmed, overtired and oversalted. we were running late last night, so we grabbed a pizza. i ate about an ounce of dark chocolate and the last (unfrosted) cupcake last night and killed the reese's minis this morning (there were only two!). the rest of this week is nuts. i have class tonight and tomorrow, therapy and live music thursday, friday free and saturday we're hosting a hayride & bonfire with optional drinks at ours after.

NEXT week my brother comes home monday, i have class tuesday, drinks with an old friend thursday and a halloween party for which I THINK i'm supposed to bring a zillion cupcakes on saturday. (we're being joan of arc and an inquisitor).

i'm tired. i'm overwhelmed. i'm going to tj's this afternoon to stock up on larabars (pb cookie was acceptable as food, if not as a delicious cookie treat). there will be no more excuses. two halloweens ago i was 210 pounds (and capitalism, the man was communism). last halloween i think i was between 200 and 210 (and a st. pauli girl to his sam adams). this halloween-- party, that is-- i'll be 165. not exactly the same size of the maid of orleans, but it will be close enough.

12 days, 5.6 pounds. i can dooooo it. especially since i'd bet money 2 or 3 more will go the moment i take a break from cramming everything in my mouth. um, and that moment is now.

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Katie said...

Well done on taking control! Sometimes all you want to do is stuff your face, thats life!