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Thursday, October 29, 2009

graduate record exams

as you may or may not know, i am in the process of applying to a PRESTIGIOUS university for my ms degree after what can best be described as a train wreck of an undergrad career. encouraging, isn't it? you also may or may not know that i am very bright and an excellent student. god knows, anybody who looks at my undergrad transcripts will fall into the "not" group on that one. it is ugly, my friend.

my personal timeline for completing my application is december 31. it's rolling admission for this program and, though the application deadline is the end april for them, i want to get mine in a bit early so i can beg to get in. that's right, BEG. i'm going to try to arrange an admissions interview, even though i don't believe they normally do them until you've passed the paper phase of the application. so, tell me what you think of this idea i've been tossing around...

so, i'll go in there all, listen, mister, i know my gpa sucks monkey balls, but LOOK! at my two GLOWING letters of recommendation, and my resume which is not too shabby, and my gre scores which (god help me) do not suck any kind of zoo-dwelling balls. see, a fucking bad, bad thing happened to me and it sort of messed up my life for a while, but i can stick-to-it NOW, i've got the bull by the horns and i won't let go. you want some proof? BAM. here's my wedding photo. look. what. i. did.

bad idea? overly personal? just plain awkward? i'm trying to find an angle here because i'm kinda type-a about stuff and if one brick goes missing the whole project (code for: my fucking life) is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED.

saw another odd overnight two pound drop today. can only assume a return to normal, healthy foods is causing a drop in retained water. but i have hope of posting a happy number for november.

two months, two days. so says my ticker. i guess that's left in this year. yikes.

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