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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

by the skin of my teeth

(sabina: my, my, my! six o'clock and the master not home yet!)

(that's the first line of the skin of our teeth by thorton wilder and damned if i can remember the rest. within a couple lines, sabina, mr. & mrs. antrbus's va-va-voom housekeeper, breaks the fourth wall and it's beautiful. that's just act 1: man vs. nature. nerd much? why, yes, please, i think i shall.)

so, not fucking up TOO badly yesterday gave me 169.8 today. back in the 160s by the skin of my teeth. like, literally, if my teeth had skin i'd be 170. about not fucking up too badly...

my husband ordered pizza and fries last night. the pizza was crap so i only ate one slice. but the fries were lovely. and my brother got 18 hours at home between bits of his job training. as hard as it was to watch him go a couple hours away last month, it's much harder to see him so several hours away until his birthday in mid-december. my computer at work crashed. my husband's halloween costume didn't fit UH-FUCKING-GAIN so now i have to make him one by saturday. i feel like a total failure with no hope of getting into grad school. i accidentally threw out my class schedule for tonight. i did my best with the limited means i have. i had a few chips, a piece of cake and a splash of schnapps. WHATEVER.

class tonight, a chocolate chip peanut crunch clif bar in my bag, very little opportunity to fuck up.

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