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Friday, October 16, 2009

cigarette hangover

i woke up this morning, during a very rude part of dawn, to a splitting hangover headache. from the bar i was at until 11:30 last night to see my husband's band. and the 3 cigarettes and a diet coke i had there.

i have to assume the pain in from the cigarettes, since i drink diet coke frequently.

i'm pretty proud of having had only one sip of beer in a joint where the only beverage i would guess was both safe AND tasty was bottled beer. my diet coke was gross and flat. those three cigarettes my friends bummed me probably saved me from a total meltdown (toddler-style) after i fell down the TWO shallow, carpeted steps scraping up my hands, bruising my left knee and, yes, twisting my ankle very badly. it was a rough night, and then i had to get up early.

(the band? eh. i don't care for the music.)

i did, unfortunately, indulge in 3 1/2 of those soft-baked 7-11 cookies for a stunning 700 calories. fuck.

this weekend we're probably canceling our hayride, thank god, so it should all be pretty laid back.

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