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Wednesday, October 07, 2009


three things that have made me go "whoa" in the last 24 hours:

  1. since having a phenomenal lunch with the recovering actor yesterday that included some fries, i have wanted to eat carbs constantly. now, i realized a while ago that if i eat white-carb type foods alone in the morning (plain toast, not-very-fibrous cereal) i'm hungrier, but the discovery that a carby lunch lead to sugar-fiending was sort of... whoa.
  2. i felt very, very sick last night on the way home from work and lay down for about 25 minutes before leaving for class. i mean, i felt AWFUL. i couldn't work out why, it hit SO FAST and then went pretty fast, too. after class i felt good, but hungry, so i ate a tiny piece of my husband's leftover pizza (then his leftover fries, then some crackers, then some toast, then some chocolate) and then-- you see this a mile away, right?-- i felt sick again! i'd overeaten. whoa.
  3. my first try on the scale this morning was 164.something. i called my husband in to look, hopped on again and got 167.8 (oh, HI THERE late-night white toast). but i SAW a FOUR. WHOA.

i decided to try levi's jeans-- any experiences? they're 99% cotton (IMAGINE THAT) and my brothers SWEAR by them... of course, my brothers are six feet tall and have to work to keep on 150 pounds and, oh, yeah, are dudes. but they're on sale and made of natural fibers horray.

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