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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

how much do you think a clark's nevus weighs?

because that's what my suspicious mole was, so it needs to be taken OUT now, two weeks after it was taken OFF. crap.

i'm feeling less overwhelmed now, knowing that tonight's class will mean the third of 6 that make up this program over-- which is halfway-- and i won't have two classes in the same week again. also, my darling husband has cleaned the kitchen and done the laundry AND plans to clean our front living/dining/library room tonight. that leaves me with just a little baking, shopping and cleaning to do on saturday.

speaking of shopping, last night's visit to trader joe's had me playing one of THOSE girls. you know the ones who buy salad, yogurt and ice cream. the ones wearing stilettos to buy groceries. well, i was wearing kitten-heel pointies, but that's not really the point. my point is what i bought: 3 clif bars (all peanut & something flavors, and i don't recommend the peanut toffee blast or whatever), 3 larabars (trying cherry pie today!), turkey lunch meat, asiago slices, shampoo, conditioner, dish soap and mini chocolate bars. how did i become a person who doesn't eat real food?

oh well. real food or not. i'm ON the horse and not falling off this week!

edited to add: cherry pie larabar is a winner! the texture is odd, but the tartness totally overwhelms the likely "protein bar" flavor of oddness. plus, i like that larabars have a short ingredient list. these are dates, dried cherries and almonds. rock on!

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