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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

bless me internet, for i have sinned

it has been one week since my last shred.

FUCK. right? i know.

i'm feeling pretty defeated right about now. pretty seriously defeated. i'll shred tonight. i'll keep to my calories. i didn't even pack a lunch, though. last night i went over my calories by one glass of wine and one slice of (really crappy) instant cheesecake. peer pressure. sort of. it was just put in front of me and i ate it without question, even though i had NOT said yes to it, but of course, i also did NOT say no. um, and there was an incident with a dove milk chocolate bar in the afternoon.

i suck.

okay. focus: meet my calorie, nutrient, water & exercise goals today. do laundry.

good news-- my husband got into the car at the airport last night and asked if i'd eaten at all while he was gone. which, yes. but it's good to know i look thin to him.

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