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Monday, January 04, 2010

get ready

well. isn't that disappointing. aside from the fact that i can't recall a Tuesday Drop in recent history that could knock me down to the weight i boasted i would see on my first weigh-in of the new year, but my food scale and 30-day shred haven't arrived! and might not until TOMORROW! woe is me.

(also: was total pig for two. days. straight.)

the good news is that, despite a really unhappy number staring up at me this morning after a three-day absence from the scale, i actually ate breakfast today! it wasn't my good, well-planned, nutritious breakfast, but it was a start. (it was 2 slices of ezekiel raisin toast with apple butter and 2 strips of facon, if you're curious, and black coffee.) AND i packed 2 clementines and will buy a nice, healthy lunch. dinner will be either chicken burgers or chicken sausages with... other foods. i haven't gotten that far.

i'm trying really hard to suppress the negativity i feel about my body right now because, for one thing, it's that time of the month (AGAIN) and that's never nice and for another, well, i'm going to be working out hardcore by tomorrow at the latest, so i'll feel better then. right?

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