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Monday, January 25, 2010


maybe i shouldn't have drank that BOTTLE of wine. or made chicken-soba noodle stir fry and veg fried rice in UNBELIEVABLE quantities on saturday for our guests. and 3 brownies (at about 340 calories each) might no have been the best plan. i may have gained a bit.

but today i'm back in focus. my liquid intake will be 2+ liters of seltzer, water and black coffee. my calories & nutrients will be in-range. i will shred level two. and... i will talk to my brother about training me and my girlfriend.

this is the friend i'm taking spinning with-- and she's convinced me to take advanced spinning TOO so we can spin twice a week. my brother is getting his training certification and is offering $10 an hour to family and $20 an hour to family friends. and he knows his shit, too, he's halfway through a bs in kinesiology. my girlfriend and i plan on working out with him twice a week: once together, once separately. i'm going to pay him in advance for 5 weeks, but i'd like to do three cycles of 5 weeks so that i finish 15 weeks of twice-a-week training just in time for... bill's stepsister's wedding. for $300, you can't beat it.

so... am i crazy? can i do this? two spinning classes plus two training sessions a week? yes. i can do this. and by summer, i'll be in the body i'm going to be in forever. (ahhhh, cheesy self-motivation speech.)

focus: water. calories. nutrients. shred level 2.

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