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Monday, January 18, 2010

calories in minus calories out

eep. the combination of the mister being out of town and my uncles being IN town led to... well, it wasn't a disaster, per se, but i had two cocktails on friday (okay, those were because i went out to dinner with a girlfriend) and a cocktail and two glasses of wine on saturday. yesterday was fine until i attempted to make last night AND tonight's dinners at once-- angel hair with olive oil and cheese, a MAJOR comfort food. i mad half a pound, tossed it with the oil and then cheesed half of it.

but i didn't put it away. so, over the course of an awful ed norton movie i, naturally, ate it all. that's a 1000 calorie dinner. and then i followed with 6 chocolates. yikes. my weekend calorieking is... not perfect. i've already logged all of today. including my first shred since wednesday. shit.

yesterday at the mall, my mom and i ate at carraba's. i got a small chicken bryan without the gd lemon-butter sauce. she got... a small of some other chicken dish. we talked about calories. you guys, i think calorieking is great. really. i love the program. but... i'm not losing. calorieking members (and the support staff) suggest decreasing your calories by 50-100 per day every week until you reach a point where you lose one to two pounds. my mom says increase my calories but don't eat back exercise cals... wouldn't that be the same as staying at this level and eating them back? i'm so fucking confused. i need to decide tomorrow when my week is up.

so. is there anything more delightful than getting a facebook friend request from a man who didn't want to *commit* to calling you his girlfriend 4 years ago to see that he is two-years married with a a baby? lovely. sometimes i forget that i'm married, too. is that weird? it was sort of whirlwindy and it almost doesn't feel real. it bugs that shit out of me that TWO of my exes got married about 50 weeks after i did. guys who literally weren't able to call me their girlfriend. kinda makes me feel, you know, like it was ME.

speaking of being married... godDAMN i want my husband to come home. like, YESTERDAY. i was hysterical last night. i made it 48 hours without him before i started to despair. this is probably super annoying, but i really, really love my husband. sure, he drives me bonkers sometimes but i ADORE him. i miss the shit out of him.

okay, and on one last unrelated note: i have a rocky relationship with my sister. very. last night i watched rachel getting married because i love anne hathaway and i'd heard it was amazing. spoiler alert-- the theme was 'sisterhood conquers all.' is it bad that i identified with the antagonist? at least, i DID until she FORGAVE THE BITCH. i'm a bad person, huh?


RecoveringActor said...

This is why my friends need to run all movie choices by me first!!! I would have told you to steer clear of Rachel Getting Married. Just like SOMEONE ELSE WE KNOW should so not have watched Leap Year. Alone. In Ireland.

Stephanie said...

It's common to overeat when family's part because of the stress they can cause! ;) It sounds like you can relate to this, particularly if you identified with Rachel in that movie.
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becklette said...

... can i watch leap year? alone? in the us?