count down to goal

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


since season 2 (or are they cycles?) of the biggest loser, i've avoided watching. for many seasons i've been getting my guilty fix from fat bridesmaid's summaries. but... she on a break. so i was forced to admit that through all the sideshow, and DRAMZ, and you'll-laugh-you'll-cry, and pregnant pauses, and strategic commercial breaks, and what the hell is that? the soundtrack from a horror movie? and blood, sweat, tears and a slo-mo fall off the treadmill... i like to watch it. it's motivating.

so, last night, i watched episode 1 on hulu. ummm, question? are they all two fucking hours? seriously, are they?

okay... moving right along to THIS big loser (and i mean that in an L on the forehead way). i shredded. i kept within all the right ranges. i feel kinda thinner and stronger. kinda. i have muscles where i never saw muscles before. i lost .2 pounds. but it's okay because that's NOT my focus. my focus is on the things i can control. food. water. activity.

but, shit, you guys. i've got a goal. i want people to not recognize me at my stepsister-in-law's wedding. people who haven't seen me since i waddled down the aisle. i want to wear a size 8 dress. may 22.

SO. i'm signed up for spinning at the end of next month. i also have to sign up for kickboxing. and i wish there were some damn weekend morning workout classes. not even yoga! i suppose i'll add wogging back in around... i dunno. april?

i'm obsessed with planning ahead. i should stop. but i can't.


Allison said...

Yes, the episodes are all two hours long. So. Wow. Shredding, spinning and kickboxing?? You are totally gonna rock that size 8 dress!

becklette said...

ugh. i don't want to watch for THAT long. somebody should edit down a good parts version and post it online. all i need to see is jillian yelling, bob being adorable and then the weigh-ins, elimination, and where are they nows.

if i don't knock off some FAT it won't matter how fit i am... there's no WAY i'll get in an 8.