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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

here's my hat (i'm staying where i'm at)

a couple days ago i heard matthew broderick singing "before the parade passes by" on the radio (i know, i can't explain it either.) and then yesterday i whipped out the immortal ephram levi when i said, "money is like manure... it's not worth a thing unless it's spread about encouraging young things to grow." and for some reason i feel like carol channing in a big hat today.

because i fucking DID IT.

i did hit my calorie & nutrition goals, despite having to drink 8oz of light egg nog to get there and i SHREDDED. and dude... DUDE. ouch. so, a little science lesson: vertical motion is HARD. it's harder than horizontal motion. i don't know why, but i bet it has to do with GRAVITY. the shred? is ALL ABOUT jumping: jumping jacks, "butt-kicks", squat-presses, up, down, up, down, up. the. whole. time. let me tell you, i've done a LOT of exercise videos and i've NEVER been GRATEFUL to get to the BICYCLE CRUNCHES before.

i'm sore today. and i woke up hungry (this, i think, is good). i made five of my famous giant cookies (chocolate chippers in an 8 inch tart pan) for my trainer-in-training brother to take skiing and i refused to give them up until he showed me a really good stretch for my calves. "i can do that!" he chirped. then he paused. "can you hold up your own body weight?"

i'm doing it right now, aren't i?

but seriously folks, YES, as a matter of fact, i CAN. and DID. for the 30 seconds it took to prove i could do that stretch before he peace'd out and i DIED.

i read on a calorieking message board that jm herself recommends shredding 4 or 5 days a week-- not 30 days IN A ROW. so i'm taking weekends off, i think, well, actually just cross training on weekends. thus, the 30-day shred will take 6 weeks. i'm okay with that. and right after, i'll start my classes. and after that: RUNNING.

so, anyway. that's the good news. bad news? the tuesday drop brought me... right down to where i was last tuesday. 169.4. i predict... i predict i'll be down ten or fifteen pounds and an easy size 12 by the end of the month.

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