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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

exercise: semi-success

dudes, if i'm in a bank today... that gets held up... and they're like hands over your heads or we shoot!... i'm a deadman. because i truly believe that i cannot raise my arms above shoulder level today.

the good: i made it ALL THE WAY THROUGH level 2.

the bad: i followed anita the entire time except the last set of cardio because... seriously? i can't do that. so i kept doing knee-ups.

the ugly: when i finished, i took one look at the kitchen and requested that my husband order a pizza while i collapsed into bed. (i ate one slice of a small, a handful of fries and a dry side salad. still good!)

e bailed on our trainer meeting tuesday, but i've told him that i plan to pay him in advance for 10 sessions over 5 weeks. i'll be three weeks in by the time we start spinning. i intend to be in killer shape by spring. like, seriously. lately i've decided that i need to think about things (eating right, exercise) as things i'm just going to do. i AM, not i'll TRY or i WANT. WILL. it's easier that way for me to DO IT. ya know?

focus for today: two liters of water PLUS my coffees. eat on plan. shred. have dinner started BEFORE i shred so i'm not tempted to give up... again.

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Rebecca said...

i've realized that too.

it's easier to do than thinking and obsessing about it. usually gets faster results too!