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Friday, January 22, 2010

laughing in the face of calorieking

edited to add: so, seriously? i've had about the worst week EVER. i've been constantly thinking about ways i can self-soothe. unfortunately, the things i can think of all all off limits: shopping (come on, who doesn't love pretty things) is on hold because we have high budget hopes for this year; eating/drinking is on hold-- or, well controlled-- because, duh, i'm on a diet; drinking, like DRINKING DRINKING is a a bad plan because mmmmmmmcigarettes; cigarettes are a bad plan because mmmmmcarcinogens... i have to say, it looks like i'm going to work out and than go to sleep. sleep is TOTALLY still allowed. i just keep reminding myself of losing weight... being under 160 next month... close to 150 by my birthday... near 145 for the family wedding in may...


down to 167 today. clearly, i am right and calorieking is wrong. about me, anyway. 1400 + exercise calories? no. 1250? yes.

i don't even have anything to talk about today... focus is on meeting my calorie and nutritional goals, my water goal mainly with WATER and getting in a shred. oh, yeah, and doing laundry. no, for real. AND going grocery shopping.

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