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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

do not want

you know what i don't like? the 170-pounds range. don't get me wrong, it's way better than the 235-pounds range, but i was my baseline weight, the one that i hang out around, to be more like 140.

169.6 today. a gain. i wonder if this is why i've shied away from *programs* in the past. because here i am, having done more or less perfectly for two weeks (i had a badish weekend, but really didn't go over by more than 1000 calories all weekend, and over the REST of the past two weeks, i know i was under at least 1000), and... it's not working. i should be down two to four pounds by now. i hate that this is not working.

i've changed my calorie target from 1350 to 1250. i'm hoping to see some poundage go from that. i'm just so fucking frustrated! i just want to lose 25 more pounds. and... i don't know what to do. exercise more. eat less. why is my body broken??

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