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Thursday, January 07, 2010


day three. of five. of thirty.

i'm focusing SO HARD on getting through the first five days of shredding. yesterday i forgot to eat part of my snack (the almonds, naturally) and was weepy when i got home to the realization that i had to work out. i ate five almonds and five whole grain crackers and did it. i f'ing did it. not perfectly, but i tried. i still hurt, um, EVERYWHERE. you know the drill, right? standing up from the toilet? agony. stairs? comical. and agonizing.

i know it will be SO MUCH easier on monday after a cross-training day and a rest day.

so far, since shredding and caloriekinging perfectly, i've not lost an ounce. which is fine. the daily weight is not important. heck, even the weekly weight is not IMPORTANT. the trend is important. i know it could take 3 to 6 weeks for my body to adjust to the food change (eating SO MUCH MORE) and/or the exercise. i know. i'm just trying to focus on doing the right things. that's all i can do to get the right results.

is this strange? i sort of... pray. to my body. i ask it to comply. to become strong. to leave the fat behind. to take care of my, mentally, and i promise that i will take care of it physically. i don't think it believes me. i don't think i blame it.

11.5 pounds to lose and 27 more shreds before valentine's day. do you think i can wear size 10 jeans?

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