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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

jillian michaels read my mind

so, i'm shredding last night, hitting the last circuit and jillian says something to the effect of "i know all you want to do right now is turn off this dvd and stop, but this is where we have to end strong..."

i'm sore ALL OVER. seriously. every single muscle i have hurts.

my friend, the recovering actor, bought the shred yesterday! i'm excited to have a buddy. i'm also wondering how allison is doing with it. i've been poking around for success stories, but so far i haven't found anyone who ACTUALLY lost "up to 20 pounds in 30 days!" as the dvd cover claims. me? i'd love to lose ten. well, twelve, actually, since i'm taking 6 weeks for it. i'll be finishing the week before valentine's day and my spreadsheet claims i'll be about 158 then. and, ya know, smokin' hot from all this exercise.

so... i'd like to say something about more specifically, i'd like to say something about the PROGRAM-- the not-free part. the fact is, i've avoided organized *programs* pretty hardcore for, oh, ever. but that wasn't getting me past this complacency and if i kept up my pace from the past three years, i could expect to hit goal sometime in june 2012. uncool. so i decided to shell out the $50 my grandma gives me for christmas and birthday, like clockwork, on a special new year's rate for a year membership (normally $75, or $9/month). first i did a weeklong free trial between christmasish and the third and, frankly, i did little more than track what i mindlessly ate. but these last few days-- i'm all food and exercise planned for today, too-- i've really gotten into it. you set your own carb, fat, protein, cholesterol and fiber goals with their recommendation. they also suggest a calorie goal which you can change, but they don't encourage it. i'm not exactly IN LOVE with the food database since i don't eat out much and when i do it's usually not big-chain places, but i'm slowly getting my usual foods added.

now, so far i have not lost any weight on calorieking (day 3 for serious, mind you). i feel like i'm eating a HUGE amount (1390 calories, plus 209 from shredding) but i'm kind of making myself do it for a month, at least. i mean, shit, i've paid in full! but i think this is going to work. and i love the green checks (when i'm in my calorie range for the day) like... well, like i love cake. bonus points? my guts are doing their job without complaint... thanks to seeing that i normally consume about 5g of fiber a day. hello, fruits, veggies and whole grains! i also expect to see my hair getting thicker and my nails stronger (the rd i was seeing last year said that's about protein) because i'm eating protein THREE MEALS A DAY. and one snack! sometimes two!

i feel like a total pig, but it's getting easier. and i hope shredding does, too. i take SEVERAL 5-second breaks to catch my breath. but. if you want results from 20 minutes a day, you have to give those 20 minutes every. fucking. thing. you've. got.

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