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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

exercise: semi-fail

okay. i KNOW that exercise is an important part of the *journey* and i KNOW that people who exercise moderately during their loss and keep it up during maintenance are more likely to keep it off. but i, honestly, have lost my nearly 70 pounds with intermittent exercise.

i think we've (i've) reached the point where i probably won't be losing much more without some exercise. which is why i'm trying to do just that.

last night, i got back on the shredding bandwagon. with level two. which... may have been a little overconfident. i made it about halfway before i broke down in tears (this is not the first time a workout video has had that effect on me, not even THIS workout video) but today is a new opportunity to not fail spectacularly. yes, i will do level two again tonight and i will get to... farther than last night. that's all i'm promising, k?

e and i (e is the girlfriend i talk about here, the one i have lunch with when the weather's nice, the one i'm spinning with) have a metting with our, ahem, TRAINER (my kid brother) a week from today. i'm going to pay him upfront for 10 sessions over five weeks. by the time those five weeks are up, we'll be into spinning. and FITNESS. where organized, paid-for exercise is fitness will follow, and, likewise, where fitness is, exercise will follow.

i would love to be showing a good, low number today but, alas, it's 168.2. a current favorite of my body's. i'm disappointed, of course, but i'm keeping my focus where it belongs: on things i CAN DO. on getting my fluids, hitting my calorie and nutrient targets and shredding. i CAN.

ps, internet friends, sometime within the next week and a half i SHOULD be hearing if i got into grad school and i am OUT OF MY MIND with nerves. just... thought i'd share.

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