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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


sexy update: ck reduced my calorie target to 1350 after my weigh-in. that seems better.

168.6? after all that hard work? and sticking to my calories and SHREDDING for god's sake? down .8 pounds? bummer.

but. i suppose it takes some time for the body to adjust. we'll see.

i did my fifth shred last night, and it was good. well, it was HARD and sweaty, but i was good. i need to actually DO the side lunge/anterior raises sets... oops. otherwise, i did some sets watching natalie (the amazon on jillian's right) and got VERY DEEP into those lunges. go me.

i've also signed up for SPINNING! there were only two slots left, so i had to jump on it, but there are still 49 for kickboxing, which apparently starts a week later.

well. so. i'm sort of on the edge of my seat for something GOOD to happen. bad things have been happening a lot.

focus: eat right. shred hard. drink water.

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