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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


a number so nice it titles its own post!

no, that's not the number that nearly made me pee my pants yesterday, but if i hadn't seen that number, i'd be totally thrilled to see this one, right?

so... i have to make 5 cakes. this week. normally, that would be fine. normally, i'd be able to do them in a day. lately? not so much...

last night i had bk and i walked home, then made dinner, ate dinner, had a phone date with my skinniest friend and watched chuck. tonight i have a chiropractor appointment-- eeep! i'm hoping this guy can take away the lower back pain that is getting WORSE the stronger i get. i've never been to a chiro before, and if he touches my neck, i'ma have to cutabitch. srsly. tomorrow i have spinning PLUS and extra half hour of weights! thursday we have date night/therapy. friday, thank god, i have off. but at least two of the cakes have to be done BEFORE then!

i go out-- to WORK OUT-- almost every night now. it's odd. we used to eat dinner at 5:30, and now it's closer to 8. and i don't feel *starving* and *weak* between 3pm and dinner like i used to! i eat a protein bar or small snack and it gets me through.

well... this weekend. this weekend is easter. good news for the lentals, no? it's tough. it's a four-day weekend for me (off friday because... catholicism is pervasive here and it's a tiny company that can get away with that; off monday to get my first FOUR fillings, hooray) which generally means a lot of lethargy. so, planning ahead!

since a lot of friday & saturday will be spent cooking (and some sunday), i predict some GIANT cups of coke zero from the wa. and gum. that gum thing? like the tv trainers are always awkwardly endorsing? TOTES works. thanks tra, for thinking of it! at the big family events, i'm finding that the longer i hold off on eating and (wine) drinking, the better. so that's what i'll do. bring my seltzer water and wait. and wait. until i just can't wait anymore. monday, i think, shouldn't be a problem. i'll have boo boo teeth. maybe i'll make some creamy potato/cauliflower soup? that sounds pretty nice.

okay, and then, NEXT weekend? is a little crazy. my dearest darling is headed south to visit his family on thursday morning. lucky bugger, huh? thursday, i'll go shopping (!!) with the recovering actor (!!!) and i'm shooting to be -75 by then so she can take me a progress pic (pretty please?) with her kickass new camera since my is... indisposed. with being broken. friday, i suddenly have plans with my skinniest friend and a bottle of champagne! so exciting. i was planning on getting a massage and eating a nice meal out with my book, but this sounds good, too. and then, ooh-la-la, and then.

saturday & sunday i'm doing the french women don't get fat "leek soup kick-off weekend." silly? yes. detoxifying? only for my head. effective? possibly. mainly, i'm thinking of it as a diy spa weekend. i'll do little skin & hair treatments. maybe wax my legs. main/pedi with my new favorite nail polish. basically, chill out, relax and consume some three pounds of leeks. followed by a lean protein & fresh produce meal. monday will be back to business as usual... until i have to pick up my sweetie at the airport. that's never fun.

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