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Thursday, March 11, 2010

so much for that streak

alas, i lost only .2 pounds yesterday. but i'm okay with that. because i lost weight. i don't know if it's the new scale or the exercise (i'm reaching 6 weeks now, so my body should have adjusted or whatever) but it really makes me happy to actually see something change.

spinning was great and i'm looking forward to my workout tonight. and tomorrow! a wog! i'm going to try for, basically, week 1, workout 1 of c25k. i'm actually starting to know-- ahead of time-- that exercise will make me feel good. and that's pretty cool.

so, i'm hoping that i can bring in 2-3 days a week of wogging now for something like 2.5 hours of cardio and 2 hours of strength training a week.

i'm becoming an exerciser.


Anonymous said...

what's a WOG?

becklette said...

a wog is a walk where i occasionally attempt to jog.