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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

well... that's a blow to the ol' ego


all weekend i joked that if i didn't gain five pounds, my birthday had been a failure.

umm... success?

it was 168.0 yesterday, though.

in any case. life goes on (oh blah dee). last night i had the good sense to eat a snack bar before working out later than usual. it made a huge difference. i had a special k protein meal bar in chocolate-peanut butter. basically, it tasted like candy. but later i had protein-powder burps. ew. umm, let me handle this in a more organized fashion.

PROS: tasted like candy; 10g protein, 5g fiber; got me through my workout with flying colors.
CONS: 180 calories, 6g fat; >0.5g trans fats, but trans fats nonetheless; protein powder burps.
VERDICT: i'd get it again, if i needed the energy, but i'm not going to add it to my grocery list.

so... then i walked home (1.5-2 miles) in about 40 minutes. all in all, i had a very fit/healthy/weight-lossy day.

but i also had a really crappy day. work is crazy in a bad way and the irs is questioning my refund-- because it's huge, because i didn't make nearly as much money as i expected to last year and they don't want to give the money i DID make back-- and i'm pretty tired.

anyway, today is a new day. it's gorgeous out again and i might walk to tj's for lunch since we have essentially no food in the house. except turkey bacon.

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