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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


yesterday was better. much. i think that probably has to do with the 90-minute workout. OH YEAH. bk and i had our usual hour session and then i walked home-- it's only about 2 miles, but after wall sits and standing on the bosu ball doing curls and presses and the bridges... i got home in 30 minutes. feeling TEH AWESOME.

until i realized that my husband STILL has not done the dishes and i am at the point where i generally go on strike-- refuse to even go IN the kitchen-- having cleared out the sink and set everything up on the counter the way he likes at least two days ago. instead, for budget and for fitness, i cleaned a pot, two frying pans, two bowls, two forks and two wooden spoons and got to work. i made us a lovely chicken-and-broccoli stir-fry: his with sauce, mine without. and rice. and now we have no clean dishes... again.

i came in under my calorie target but over fat because i didn't care for the wine i'd been given, so i dumped it and ate a piece of chocolate instead. and i had ONE cigarette.

today... i SPIN. <3 spinning. focus on: WATER, calories, fat. make tomorrow's breakfast.

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