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Friday, March 12, 2010

oh, OW

after my last session (monday) with bk he texted me to ask how i was feeling. great! i chirped, if one can chirp via text message, i'm totally getting the hang of this!

wrong. answer.

last night he kicked my ass so hard that i elected not to walk home after, despite the lovely weather and how nice the walk was on monday. today i am SORE. and yet? not weighing less. at all. probably because i ate a bunch of junk (not actual junk, we don't have ACTUAL junk) last night. or maybe because i've been having a hard time, er, GOING. or... who knows?

i want to wog (walk/jog) tonight, but of course it's RAINING. so we'll see.

i bought a pair of sweaters with a boscov's gift card from my husband's grandmother. both cardigans, one cream and one gray leopard print. the cream is specifically for wearing with my sex-ay red ann taylor dress to ssil's shower, but the gray leopard was just because a) it was $7! b) i <3 gray and c) i puffy, pink <3 leopard print. the cream one fits like a dream. the gray? like, eight sizes too small. they're both mediums. so disappointing.

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