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Monday, March 22, 2010

i spent most of the night running from vampires

sometimes i wake up exhausted after DREAMING that i'm being really active. last night it was being chased by vampires, knowing that there was a safe place and i could find it, but not knowing how to get there.

it was like 30 days of night + daybreakers / buffy the vampire slayer with a sprinkle of college.

i am tired.

my weight is up a bit from friday's low, but nothing to be concerned about. i did PRETTY WELL on my plan for the weekend. a quick roundup:
  • i did c25k week 1, workout 1 on friday night!
  • saturday i made breakfast: turkey bacon, scrambled egg + white, ezekiel toast.
  • lunch was wawa sandwiches. hubs downsized to a whole wheat shortie meatball sub and i hit upon the genius idea to get a turkey junior with lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles-- no cheese or oil. it was delicious and fresh and flavorful for 200 calories!
  • dinner i planned for 2 ipas and a burger with lettuce, tomato, onion & pickle. i went over by ONE piece of italian potato salad, ONE dorito, two damn chocolates and a bowl of nutella mousse... which. sigh. i intended to clean the kitchen while the family ate dessert. when i came back to the table, my mother had placed a custard bowl at my place and... i tasted it. and then i ate it. it was amazing.
  • i planed to do wo 2 on sunday morning but i slept too late and had to get ready for ssil's shower instead. i decided not to drink at the shower so i could wog after.
  • but i spent, in addition to the three and a half hour shower, three hours in the car while my mother bitched and moaned about how everyone (including my poor, innocent ssil, whose shower & wedding my mother has been OBSESSED with going to!) was "eating" her weekend. and about how she needed to lose 14 pounds. the irony of her pie/weekend metaphor was lost on her. i had two glasses of wine.
  • and then i took a nap & recreated the bacon & egg meal for my dinner.
and now it's today!

everyone noticed how amazing i looked in my red dress. alas, my camera is dead. like... DEAD dead. i thought it was just the battery. we're looking for the service plan and hoping it was for 2 years. but i WANTED to show you.

so... 165 for real today and i'm sliding back into consistency today. i have dinner planned out and bk tonight. i think i can end march at least as low as i ended february, but on a trustworthy scale.

ps-- expect some radio silence tomorrow because i have that follow-up test in the morning and, well, i'm gonna take a xanax or four, which means i'll probably sleep the rest of the day. wish me luck!


RecoveringActor said...

I'm sending you mojo. Good test mojo. If you want I can request strangers on the internets to send mojo to my anonymous friend. Their mojo is strong.

Anonymous said...

I hope everything goes okay! I am sending lots of postivity your way!