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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


yesterday we had a guest for dinner and i went over my calories. not too badly, an ounce of bread, a little salad dressing, a small slice of tart. today, i expect to be way under. and spin. oh, the spin. my legs still hurt from bk's leg special on monday.

speaking of bk & spinning. i look great. my shoulders are strong. i look taller every day. my legs, even, are getting some definition. oh, and my arms? if you ignore that fatty waddle? are ripped. my butt is higher and my boobs might be, too. if only... all the muscles weren't covered in fat.

i'm counting on all this lean muscle to help me burn calories and burn off these last 20-30 pounds. i hope to hell it does. because as much pride and joy as i'm finding in my body for it's incredible STRENGTH, i want it to not look like a floppy mess, too. i'm vain; sue me. ps-- Big Name Grad School has an UH-MAZING gym. with spinning m-f at 7 am. and swim lessons. and a rock climbing wall. and yoga, dance, a track, massage... $75 a year for students! (private lessons, massage, etc. cost extra.) i plan on starting my school days (aka, "days off" to do schoolwork) with a 7am spin and maybe a swim after i learn how to swim properly. won't that get the day to a nice start?

my husband's cousin just got her second referral from china. in the next six months, odds are, all the adult cousins on his side-- except us-- will complete their families. (i'm not SURE of his other cousin's due date, but i'll have to guess it's within six months.) i expect that's when the questions will start in earnest. oh, yes, they've already started. from one cousin as a melt into a puddle holding her baby. from my mom as i talk about moving in to a townhouse in the city so we'll have a guest room. from friends (including the one last night who promised he saw "two of 'em just waiting to get into this world" in my aura. mk...). but we're up to bat in 2011. and it ain't gonna happen.

so sad.

the pill seemed to, uh, repress that STUFF for a few years. or maybe it was just time for it to surface when it did. i dunno. i still haven't called my lady-doctor to get a paper copy of my script so i can get away from the evil pharmacy. oh, geez.

soooo... focus: water (i need to be very hydrated for spinning!). healthy snacks (i'm bound to need them, especially in the evening, because beer and a brownie isn't exactly recovery fare). and taking care or my poor legs before, during & after spinning.


Anonymous said...

you know what stood out most to me in this post?

"i'm counting on all this lean muscle to help me burn calories and burn off these last 20-30 pounds."

LAST 20-30 POUNDS! That's it! WOOHOO for YOOHOO!!!

and p.s. that whole paragraph about the pill threw me way off, what are you talking about? i read it three times and am probably totally stupid but I don't get it!

becklette said...

i failed to refill my rx on time in... june? because i'm dumb, my nice family owned pharmacy is dumb and we went on vacation. so i've been off it since then and all of a sudden i'm all BAYBEEEES! again. but no babies until i graduate is the deal, so i'm trying to go back on the pill to suppress (i hope) the baby-wanting and PREVENT and all, but the BIG pharmacy where my doc called in my new script is an asshole.

and you're totally right, of course, this is woohoo time. i'm pretty close.

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh, so you've been bitten by the baybeeeeeeeeeeee bug but now are applying large doses of anti-baybeeeee bug cream in order to stop the itch. makes total sense now.

come and not sleep at my house for a couple weeks, that's enough anti-itch cream to last you a while, I promise. :o) Although, I wouldn't give up my baybeee for any amount of rest.