count down to goal

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


i am not a patient person. waiting is... not really my thing.

i am smoking. a genius plan from someone awaiting a test to see if she has cancer, no?

i am eating things i, frankly, probably shouldn't (haagen-dazs single serving cups were on sale).

last night a zonked out at 8pm rather than, i dunno, live my life as planned?



today is a better day. because i say so.

today i am going to stick to my calories (and my guns). i am going to drink my seltzer to rehydrate (when i'm dehydrated i can't stand water) and then drink my waters to stay hydrated. i'm going to bk and walking home. i'm not going to go way over my fats like i have been (see: haagen-dazs). i'm going to do both of my natural anti-depressants and have a glass of wine.

i'm not going to obsess.

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