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Monday, March 29, 2010


more like "honey-did?"

not the usual, honey, did you clean the litterbox/do the dishes/ call your mom/ ask your dad/ check the inspection (late!)/ look for that service plan?


ummm, no. he moved it. gently. and reset it, or whatever.

which doesn't explain the RIDICULOUS number i saw this morning. i might pee myself. i hope i can tell you it tomorrow. SQUEE.

yesterday we went to my favorite place, target, and picked up a some sweet dumbbell bars and 5# & 10# weights. we have 40#s of plates. i'm going to add in a half hour of upper body weights on wednesdays. yes, after spinning.

OH! and yesterday i TOTALLY went to the track and did week 1, workout 2! only 10 days after workout 1! i've decided that i really have to go in the mornings, so i'm doing wo 3 tomorrow morning and then moving on to week 2 on thursday.

so, no news to report on the hooha front. finally got my damn period, though. delightful.

it's another monday morning here... confused and sleepy. and maybe a little overwhelmed.

ps-- dear universe, also a trip to amsterdam to meet my backup spouse?? and smoke some legal weed.

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