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Thursday, March 18, 2010

short on sleep

ahem. last night i stayed up until midnight. MID. NIGHT.

bad idea.

after spinning (which i still <3 despite the fact that old ladies took our seats and i had to look at myself in the mirror and DAMN i've never sweated so much in my LIFE) e came up for a cigarette. she quit when last i did, but we both realize that the key to pulling this off is having one occasionally, socially, so that we don't end up doing a swan dine off the wagon. i had a harp then, and we watched the revelers from my balcony.

after she left, i checked my ck diary and realized i was supposed to get a "no-pudge" brownie-- the mix that you add fat free yogurt to? they are so good-- but first i wanted to chill a little while, so i watched last week's chuck and then grabbed a shower. bu the time i was out, it was about quarter to 11. mister man was at a friend's house. i make the brownies because, while i don't eat back exercise calories, i do realize it's important to fuel my body. (it's working, btw, i'm down a full pound from monday!)

i also made this morning's breakfast so i would be sure to get a filling, wholesome, balanced meal when i woke up cranky. and boy, did i wake up cranky.

i have no idea how i'm going to deal with today. coffee, i guess.

i have dr. y, which means a ruby tuesday meal of smart eating petite sirloin with mashed cauliflower and broccoli. yum. then i have bk for 60 minutes and a half-hour walk home. then? ANOTHER BROWNIE. i freeze them as soon as i make them in my awesome pre-portioned brownie pan. and then i microwave one for 25 seconds or so and ooooh, is so goooood. really, they are delicious and don't taste like ass. which is a nice quality in a 130 calorie brownie.

was that a tangent? probably. i should get another cup of coffee.

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