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Friday, March 26, 2010

take a bullet for me?

  • bk kicked my ass sideways last night... when will i learn to tell him EVERY workout makes me sore?
  • i ate purple jellybeans for dinner. and an egg for dessert. a chicken egg, not a cadbury egg.
  • there was a missed call with no message on my phone shortly before 5 when i would not be near a computer for 5 hours. so i called my gyn's office to ask if it was them. wasn't. later i reverse look-uped it and it was a tailor. weird.
  • i've been bleeding from the biopsy since tuesday and now it's *real* bleeding... oh, yes, that time of the month... a visit from whatever euphemistic aunt you prefer... my sacred moon time.
  • i'm going to a chiropractor next week as my lower back pain has only INCREASED since i've been working & stretching it regularly.
  • we're going to my grandmother's for dinner tonight. mmm, lasagna.
  • i'm f'ing tired. and i don't seem to ever get to rest.

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