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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

she runs marathons

my girlfriend from high school called me a few weeks ago. out of the blue. we were close in high school and she visited me once in college, but we're not phone people. and i assumed she'd stuck with the crowd that randomly decided they hated me, oh, halfway through the senior week that i had organized. so i went to her house last night.

kt has always been athletic. and brilliant. and talented. just to give you an idea? she performed in the local pro production of the nutcracker (as a kid) for 6 years, she got a 1590 sat, is applying to med school, never cracked a book through 4 years at an ivy league school and didn't fail anything, plays golf, sight-reads and plays the piano, can walk into any pick-up game of anything and be awesome, and is just generally frickin perfect. lately, she's been competing in triathlons. "just sprints!" she protests. and last year she ran the dc marathon.

her advice to me? just sign up for a 5k in... may. may will be plenty of time. i laughed in her face, of course, because IT IS MARCH. but it irritated that little nagging question i've had... will it be easier? will THIS be the time jogging doesn't suck dirty balls for me? could i lace up my shoes and do week one of c25k without dying right now?

and i'm kinda thinking YES. so... i'm going to try. er, friday. (tonight i spin, tomorrow i have session 11 with bk with a walk home, so, friday.)

so... yeah. it's earlier than i'd planned to get back to it, but the weather is unbeatable and i feel good about it. plus, i'd love to lose 10-15 pounds before the Big Family Wedding.

and, btw, down another pound today to 166. le sigh. maybe i'll keep up this pace for a couple more days and get to that pretty number mom's scale gave me...

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