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Monday, March 08, 2010

birthday weekend: an account

friday i...
  • ordered mu shu veggies for lunch and didn't eat the rice or pancakes.
  • made my leftover rice into veggie fried rice at home-- lots of it.
  • washed it down with a beer and two brownies while i watched most of season 1 of united states of tara, which is surprisingly good.
saturday we...
  • got sbux for breakfast: a light frap and turkey bacon/egg white sandwich for me, no cheese.
  • drove to rehoboth beach to eat/drink at dogfish head-- we ordered the dogpile and a canary for one, neither of which i liked, so i ordered a side of fries to soak up the pint of indian brown ale (7% abv) and glass of palo santo marron (12% abv) i imbibed.
  • picked up a 12 ounce bottle of world wide stout (18% abv) to take home.
  • hit up the rehoboth beach chocolate for samples of various brownies, cakes and pies (while drunk!).
  • stopped at the ann taylor factory store to be SORELY disappointed in the prices... but still considered buying a pair of size 12 "curvy" bootcut jeans that fit perfectly. but, really? $45 AT THE OUTLET? puh-leez.
  • bought a pack of marlboro lights. smoked one.
  • bought beer for my mini birthday barty-- 6 dogfish head 60 minute ipa, 6 victory golden monkey and a case of yeungling lager cans.
  • and a lindt white chocolate truffle bar.
  • had 2 ipas & a lager at my birthday party.
  • and a ton of tortilla & potato chips. a zillion calories.
  • and 3 pieces of cake.
  • and two cupcakes.
  • and a lot of the truffle.
  • stopped counting calories.
  • smoked 5 or 6 more cigarettes and then gave away all but 1.
sunday we...
  • saw alice in wonderland and had movie snacks for breakfast-- pretzel bites & more truffle with coke zero.
  • munched on some crackers and seltzer.
  • went to my folk's house for a sumptuous dinner of stuffed pork chops, brussels sprouts roasted with bacon and pine nuts, asparagus with lemon butter dressing, slow-cooked lima beans, batter-fried cauliflower and mashed potatoes. followed by a semi-frodo cake with white chocolate mousse, honey-almond mousse and baked meringue. and 4+ glasses of pinot noir, because, COME ON, my father-in-law AND my grandmother IN THE SAME ROOM?? it was like a game of dueling tall tales.
  • smoked my reserved cigarette.

when i started this blog, i intended to tally up money and calories spent, and probably make some joke about my current alcohol-by-volume. and my current volume. but i'm not brave enough to try to count these calories. i think it's safe to call this an alcohol-fueled binge.

i don't regret it too much. i had a fantabulous birthday weekend. tonight bk and i will sweat out the last of the booze and then i'll probably walk the 2 miles home if the weather holds. just for a little extra push before i face my shiny! new! accurate! scale tomorrow.

focus today: WATER. sticking to the plan. exercise.

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